Sunday, December 16, 2012

Phase 1 complete!

Hello There everypony!

I am proud to announce that Phase 1 has been complete, and Phase 2 has started. We have very nice script for the comic, formated as a regular Screenplay document. The script will be posted and shared once the comic is published.

The great  :iconequestria-prevails:   is working with me in some designs, while :iconstepandy: and I are starting to sketch some pages (we have three already)

We are gonna make some tests for color, Which we will probably share next week of one of the panels. To keep record of the process.

There is much to be done and tested... Inking, color, style, design... this is the long part of the preproduction. Once we will get all this done, we will gofast as a rocket.


  1. equestria prevails sure is an amazin dude, and its good to hear the first phase is went well, so now its time for the second part? seems like its going to be a busy part, but amazing ppl like yourselves are sure to succeed ^^

    im rooting for you guys!! cheers and hugs ^^

  2. Did you finish please say yes😢

  3. Did you finish please say yes😢