Thursday, December 13, 2012

Phase 1, Script

Hello there Everypony. Spirit reporting on duty.

The "Tower of Time " project has begun!

The crew for the first phase is assembled, and what a crew we have!

The objective of this phase is to make a high quality script for our comic, just like it was done for the official Hasbro one.

So, I proudly present you the four Team Members:

Spirit. Writer of the first pass, manager of the writing team.


Starimo has years of experience in fanfic writting. Her stories are  balanced and well crafted. She has full knowledge of every MLP detail that has to be known.


Stardragon is a professional writer, and has exepertise in the fandom of Dr. Who. 


BA in English, and formed in professional screenplay writting.  She will make the final review of the script, to ensure that is ready to go to the drawing team.

I calculate phase 1 will be over in about two days from now. Let's hope for the best, and work for the rest!


  1. Okay, this explains things. I eagerly look forward to this


  2. Well, it gives me a place to find status updates at least.

  3. I thank you sincerely for including me in this project.

  4. ooooh, seems interesting, and you have quite awesome ppl on the script, ok, my attention is in this, hope everything goes smoothly ^^

    kudos to everyone :D

  5. A Doctor Whooves comic? By my very favorite brony fan artists? Oh, I'm excited.