Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tower of Time, a MLP Community project

Welcome to the "Tower of Time" Project blog.

"Tower of Time" is a MLP community project. The objective is achieve a standard format 22 page comic in rĂ©cord time.  The team members will collaborate in a professional environment, producing a  high quality comic for over three weeks.

This project will serve each member to gain  valuable experience in professional comic creation. The comic will be ultimately published in this very blog for the recreation of the community, and no profit will be made by any team member from this experience.

The project is divided in three phases:

Phase 1. Scripting

Phase 2. Comic Boarding (Disctribution)

Pase 3. Cleaning and coloring.

For each phase, a small crew will be aseembled, and it will be directed by Spirit and Lion, creators of "Children of the Night".

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