Thursday, January 17, 2013

The test

For the TOT project we already made a lot of tests concerning style,which won'´t be uploaded for now  to avoid spoilers.

Yet, using the blog of Ask baby D, we ran this one test to try some techniques that brought interesting conclussions, like avoiding to make the eyelashes inking in Illustrator.

The thickness and centering of the frames is to review as well.  The shading works, but the projected shadows need to be worked beyond this point.

IF you spot any mistake on this, your review will be most welcome.


  1. i spot no mistake, to my eyes, everything is very well done.

    congrats ^^

  2. curtains missing in the first frame

    1. No, that would be a perspective illussion. The curtains are very far behind the door, that is why we don´t see them in the first panel.

  3. Replies
    1. Children of The Night is nearing completion so It'll probably start up after that's done =P

      [Yes I realize late reply but meh]